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Mahmoud-Abad child house

Mahmoud-Abad is an industrial village with mostly Afghan residents working as labour in small brick kilns. A vast part of this land has occupied by “Brick Furnaces” which has been supplying the bricks to Tehran constructions long ago.

Although, these days this brick furnace are shut and replaced with the new generation of furnaces, many Afghan families have resided in those new furnaces! In 2008, after the visit of young founders of Mahmoud-Abad foundation, they decided to start an educational program for those kids who would not be able to enrol in public Iranian schools, as their family did not have legal work permit. In 2007, the foundation started the program in primary school with 120(Afghan-Iranian) kids and with the assistance of local teachers.

The reality won’t disappear, if we close our eyes!

Since then, the foundation has been actively providing required hardware and logistical supports to these kids and their families. Furthermore, the organization has empowered those students by providing high quality learning programs presented by skilled and professional teachers, establishing a library and helping them to get ready for future job opportunities after finishing the study program. In 2012, the foundation announced the Young Adult Program, running by the volunteer university students. Currently, the Mahmoud-Abad foundation is providing basic educational services to 150 migrants in 8 age ranges.

Previous experiences have indicated that the educational program would be unsuccessful without considering the social and private situations of the kids and their families. Therefore, 2 years ago additional departments (Nitration and Healthcare departments), has been added to the organization to empower multiple aspect of each member lives. These 3 departments are working closely together to create a better life to our members and their families.

In 2006, the institute of “Pooyesh child friendly community” established with the aim of addressing two critical issues in our society: “Children Right” and “Poverty Cycle”. Therefore, this institute aims to empower the children whom drop from the schools, and also to prevent child labour by providing education, health and social supports to the members (kids and their family).


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This organization focuses on creating opportunities to those kids to have their rights as a human being and also a child. Iranian Government is a member of “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” agreement and obligated to provide supports in this area. The objectives of the “Pooyesh child friendly community” is to stop the “Forced Child
Labour”, social support and empower children in needs via providing cultural and social programs in those areas where children and their families are facing the most poverty, moreover, this institute aims to increase the public awareness towards child labour and its impacts on society.

Currently, these targets are followed by the contribution of three departments and volunteers in each workgroup. The activities of each group addressing the cultural, social, educational and healthcare problems of children, specifically those with lack of education or from poor communities. Hence, we will be honored to invite you to visit us, explore our activities, join our volunteer programs and participate in any of the team work activities which feel more resonating with you. Therefore, you can also be our ambassador and introduce the skilled and talented people wish to work with us as volunteer.

You can assist with your financial supports, to develop equal educational opportunities, infrastructure and improve educational equity, and also to prevent the loss of
human capital in deprived areas.

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